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Crowdfunding Campaigns
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Complete fundraising tools that don’t break the bank

Custom Donation Forms

Easily embed donation forms on your website
In minutes add a customized donation form, we’ll even upload it for you
Create different forms for various causes
Make it easier to track who is giving to what
Automatic donation receipts
No more sending receipts and annual giving statements manually

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Set up an online campaign in minutes
Take minutes to raise money for a project, set up a year end campaign, create a matching campaign
Matching Campaigns
Set up unlimited matchers, add bonus matchers even during the campaign
Building Campaigns
Raise funds for your new building and add pictures to the page throughout the year
Ongoing Campaigns
Easily make a campaign that is ongoing and raise however much you need

Recurring Giving

Easily accept recurring donations
Give donors options to make giving simpler
Create online campaigns to increase recurring giving

Donor Management Tools

Quickly get insights into how your donors like to give
Automatically reconcile donations without logging into your bank account
Store donor information in one place
Get setup up in less than 24 hours
No Fees by text or limits on characters

Text Giving

No Limits to giving amounts
Get setup up in less than 24 hours
No Fees by text or limits on characters

Kiosk Giving

Take donations on the spot
Schedule recurring gifts in seconds

Trusted by over 800 nonprofits

“RaiseGiving has helped our fundraising efforts immensely. It has made it so much easier for us to raise funds for many different causes all in one place and customize the requirements of each project to meet what we need. It is so much easier to fundraise freely knowing that we have a system that can support us. They are a dream to work with and are extremely responsive to our specific needs.”
Rabbi Josh Zern
Director of Development
Mesivta Ateres Yaakov


Year-Round Fundraising

Unlimited Online Campaigns at 3.49% platform fee*
Customizable Donation Forms
Recurring Giving
Donor Management Tools
Giving Kiosk App
Mobile Admin App
Text to give
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*Processing cost on all packages is 2.9% + $0.30/transaction, this processing cost separate from the platform fee for campaigns. For echeck the cost is 1%. On Full Fundraising Suite, platform fee for campaigns run during that month is debited the beginning of the following month and organization commits to at least 6 months on this package when signing up.