Hosting an in person or virtual event?

The Virtual Gala Campaign allows you to host a central hub for your event where supporters can purchase tickets, donate, and view event details.

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Virtual Gala Campaign Features

Event Honorees

Highlight Event Honorees on your campaign page.

Easy Registration

Sell tickets, register attendees, and collect information, all in one place.

Ad Journal

Sell space in an Ad Journal; make it easy for local businesses to support your organization right from your campaign page.

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Compatible Modules

Live Stream

Live Stream video directly on your campaign page; host your virtual event, live stream your in person event, or share behind the scenes footage.


Feature your biggest supporters as event sponsors. Use this feature to get larger event sponsors interested in the exposure your event provides. You can offer tiered sponsorship levels based on donation size.


Leverage the power of your supporters! Host team pages where groups of volunteers, beneficiaries, and donors can sell tickets or raise donations for your organization.

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